• How does it work?
  • How can I find a network dentist?
  • I know the Club offers a discount on cleanings. What other dental procedures are available?
  • Where can I find member prices?
  • How often can I see the dentist?
  • What about claims forms?
  • Where is the Club available?
  • Let's talk money. How much does membership cost?
  • Why is it free?

About Membership

  • How old do you have to be to sign up?
  • Can I join the Club if I already have dental insurance?
  • How can I add members to my account?

Using the Club

  • Do I need a Smile Club ID card?
  • Are cosmetic procedures included?
  • Are there any limitations for pre-existing conditions?
  • Do I have to switch dentists to get the discounts?
  • My dentist isn't in the Dentegra network. What can I do?

Account Management

  • How can I update member information that I already provided during sign-up process?
  • What happened to account login?