• How does it work?

    Dentegra Smile Club is a membership based program. Joining gives you access to discounted dental prices at any dentist office within the Dentegra network.

    Already signed up? You can start saving by following these three steps:
    1. Schedule an appointment with a Dentegra network dentist. Be sure to provide your Smile Club member ID, so the dental office can verify your membership.
    2. Visit the dentist.
    3. Pay the member price for your procedure(s).
  • How can I find a network dentist? Just search our dentist directory. With over 20,000 dentists nationwide in the Dentegra network, you've got a lot of choices in your area.
  • I know the Club offers a discount on cleanings. What other dental procedures are available? Smile Club members can take advantage of discounts on hundreds of procedures, including dental exams, x-rays, fillings, crowns and more. If you've got specific dental issues in mind, just pick a dentist and look up the price of the procedure.
  • Where can I find member prices? Member prices vary by dentist, so you'll have to search for a specific dentist in order to check the member price offered.
  • How often can I see the dentist? The sky is the limit! No, we're serious. Because Dentegra Smile Club isn't insurance, you can get dental treatments whenever you need them, with no restrictions at all.
  • What about claims forms? Nope, you won't find any of that here. Say goodbye to paperwork, and simply pay your dentist directly.
  • Where is the Club available? The Club is currently only available in California.
  • Let's talk money. How much does membership cost? Membership is 100% free.
  • Why is it free? Smile Club is just one part of a larger project: to help people get access to dental care. Some people get traditional dental insurance. The Club is here for people who don't have or don't want that option. By offering membership at no cost, we can make sure the Club reaches as many people as possible. And your participation helps: Every time you visit a dentist in the Smile Club network, you're helping our dentist network grow.

About Membership

  • How many members can I include in my membership? Each account can have up to 10 members. The only requirement for adding someone else to your account is that you live at the same address. Unlike traditional insurance coverage, you don't have to be family. As long as you live at the same address, you can add your friends, roommates and pet turtle! (Just kidding. Only humans are allowed.)
  • How old do you have to be to sign up? To have a standalone account, you need to be at least 18. Children and teens under 18 can be added as additional members on someone else's account.
  • Can I join the Club if I already have dental insurance? Definitely! Dentegra Smile Club is a great way to access additional dental discounts even if you're already covered under insurance. While you can't apply both your insurance and member discounts at the same time, having both gives you the flexibility to always choose the lowest prices. For example, if you have 100% coverage for cleanings, it would make sense to pay through insurance, but if you have no insurance coverage for implants, the Smile Club member price might give you a better deal. Just make sure to let your dental office know how you want to cover each procedure.
  • What happens if I want to leave the Club? No worries, you're free to leave Smile Club whenever you want. It will take until the end of the month for your cancellation to apply, though, because membership runs on a monthly basis.

Using the Club

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